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Health concerns while travelling?
Get best recommendations for your voyage.

Discover the world — with us.

Hello, your personalized travel health app is here! We plan to use cutting edge technologies in order to improve travelling experience of user by suggesting weather conditions of the destination, most common diseases in the area and preventive measures, suggesting the sleep cycles to tackle the jet lag, health problems and tips for different modes of transportation, recommending useful articles from web by mining the data, smart device integration.

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This product aims to streamline the entire travel experience according to the destination, mode of travel and travel time. We also plan to recommend the articles which will be helpful for user while travelling using data mining techniques. The health problems that we face while travelling also depend on the mode of transportation. For example, seasickness while nautical tourism, motion sickness while bus travel. How food consumption affects health while travelling.

We also plan to make use of environmental conditions of destination such as pollution, UV index. This information will be used to suggest the travel pattern for user. This app will also keep track of frequent diseases in the area and suggest the preventive measures. Also guide the user for Travel health kit, receiving medical care in other countries, Vaccination, Insect bite prevention, Eat and drink safely, Travel insurance, travelling with medication, travelling with a medical device, Sun and heat safety tips for travelers, Tips for healthy travel with children, travelling while pregnant, Travelling with disabilities, etc.

Also one of the major problems is the jet lag. We plan to suggest the user optimum sleep cycle to tackle jet lag. We plan to use PhoneGap cross platform to develop the application.


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our key features

smart sleep cycle recommendations to tackle jet lag.
country-wise information about receiving medical care.
smart device integration such as android and apple mobiles .
personalized health tips according to age, gender and destination.
smart recomendation of health articles according to the profile of the user.
most comman diseases in the area and prevention.

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